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Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an optimization work that makes a website easier to find and better understanding of content on search engines like Google, Bing.

With monthly work, we make your website the way desired by search engines, increasing the visibility of your website in search results and getting more traffic. We are ready to meet all your SEO needs with the help of our SEO studies on hundreds of sites, the knowledge gained through SEO tests and the best SEO tools!


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the common name for pay-per-click ad types, and Google search ads, Google Display Network ads, and social media ads are included in this category.

By optimizing your PPC campaigns, we ensure that you have the best use of your budget. No matter what your PPC advertising objective is, it is our priority to increase your conversions and ensure you get better value-per-click compensation. With our experienced team, we are ready to make your PPC campaigns more efficient and increase your ROI (Return-on-Investment)!

Conversion Rate Optimization

“Conversion” is a type of action performed by your website visitors that you want such as sales or newsletter sign-up and improving the conversion rates of websites is called CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).

Regardless of the number of visitors to your website daily; if the visitors do not perform the conversions you hoped for (such as purchasing a product, filling out the contact form), these visitors have very little value for your business. We improve the conversion rates for pages on your website using all known psychological persuasion methods and the latest UX best practices.

Digital PR

With digital PR, you can introduce your brand to your target audience in the digital world, increase your brand awareness and get loyal customers.

No matter what your target audience is; with digital PR efforts, you are able to increase brand awareness and brand value in digital environment by introducing your brand story, innovations in your products, values you care about and many other types of content to your target audience. With our experienced team, we ensure that your brand gets the place it deserves in the digital world thanks to the digital PR strategies we have implemented!

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you don’t get the efficiency you want from your digital marketing campaigns, or if you need professional help to determine your next strategy, this service is totally for you!

You can see a lot of digital marketing methods, even on this page. So what are the best digital marketing methods for you and how should you use them? With our digital marketing service, we identify the most efficient digital marketing channels for your business and prepare detailed strategies to make the most of these channels.

Content Marketing

If you have looked at digital marketing related content in recent years, you must have heard the following: “Content is the King!”.. That couldn’t have been more accurate!

In the digital world, the one who produces the best content is getting the largest portion of the cake. We produce creative and engaging content related to your business for you and help you promote this content. If the content we produce goes viral, don’t blame us, you wanted it!

Social Media Marketing

As the whole world, we have been possessed by social media. How about you use it to your advantage?

With our young and creative team, we ensure that your social media accounts reach more people, get more interactions, and gets noticed by your target audience. With creative content production and various promotion strategies, we aim to get your brand the place it deserves in social media!

Why Growth Marketing?

We Know What You Want

We know that your goal of investing in digital marketing is to grow your business, your customer audience and increase your sales. We are here to become your solution partner for achieving all your digital objectives!

We Do What You Need

We determine your brand needs using the information we obtain as a result of our detailed analysis and research, and we always work with 100% to meet your needs with our experienced team!

We Care

We follow and analyse the results of our work. Because we want you to have the best experience from all the work we do. We know and care about the importance of your business’s development in digital marketing.


These guys are fantastic! Extremely professional, and delivered some exceptional results.

Founder, Empatika

I’ve been in SEO and digital marketing more than 10 years. There are few people I trust on these subjects and Yaşar (Founder of GrowthMar) is one of them.

SEO Guru

My website had been stucked in position 3-4 on Google for so long. Thanks to GrowthMar, now it’s #1!

CEO, JagBits