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Increase the sales and leads your website generates with our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services.

What is CRO?

Conversion is called for the visitor of your website to take the actions you are targeting. These actions can be many different things, such as purchasing a product directly, registering for a newsletter membership, or visiting the contact page. The high-value actions for your business, such as the sale of products and services that your website has submitted, or an appointment request, are called macro-conversion. The conversion type, which contributes to macro-conversion indirectly, is called micro-conversion, as visitors visit a specific page, spend a certain amount of time on your site, and click on the links of your social media accounts.

At Growth Marketing, we increase the rates of macro and micro-conversions for your website visitors by using conversion rate optimization methods based on statistics and mathematics. Although it is very difficult for each incoming visitor to have a conversion, it can greatly affect your business, even if the conversion rate only increases by 1%. With CRO, you can make your investments more successful to drive traffic to your website. Contact us to inquire about conversion rate optimization and to learn about solutions that we can offer you privately.

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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

We offer solutions that will increase your macro and micro conversions with our conversion rate optimization services.

Our experienced marketing team offers many services, such as: Analyzing the behaviour of your website visitors, determination of changes to be made according to the analysis results, testing these changes, UX (user experience) improvements, analysis of your conversion channels and improvement/creation of new channels.

In addition to our analyses, we apply science-based techniques to encourage your website visitors to convert with our expert team on sales psychology. We list, test and implement all the steps necessary to convert your visitors to customers with design and content changes.

Conversion Funnels

In order for the conversion rate to exist, it is necessary to determine the transformations and create specific funnels for these transformations. We are identifying high-value macro transformations for your business with you. We also determine the actions that visitors are expected to perform by identifying micro transformations supporting macro transformations. By reviewing the funnels you are using on your website, we analyse the suitability of these funnel-to-macro and micro-transformations. We identify and implement the arrangements that need to be made as a result of our analyses. We also help you create new funnels according to your needs.

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UX Optimization

User experience is one of the factors that directly affect conversion rates. A user who cannot make sense of what is where, even if he wants, has difficulty in performing a conversion. By examining the visitor behaviour and data of analytics tools such as Google Analytics for your website’s UX optimization, we identify and resolve issues that may pose problems. In addition to visitor behaviour, we perform actual user testing, on demand. With these tests, people who are similar to the visitors of your website are browsing your website and explaining what they are doing in detail. By taking advantage of these explanations, we detect problems and find solutions.

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A/B Testing

The most reliable channel that we have applied for conversion rate optimization is the behaviour of your visitors. We test the elements on your website with A/B testing in different variations to determine which variation your visitors are best responding to and apply this variation on your website. Our A/B testing continues and develops continuously. For example, we test different titles first, and then we perform a/B testing for a visual on a webpage after the conversion rate detects the highest title. In this way, we’re detecting changes that can continuously improve conversions on pages you want to convert to.

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The best way to review visitor behaviour in bulk is to examine the heat maps. Heat maps are created by various tools to record the behavior of visitors to your website and to detect similar behaviors of all visitors. The heat maps provide important information about the behaviour of visitors on the page. This includes information about how much of the texts are read, how the mouse movements are contained, how many regions and links are clicked on the page. We analyse your heat maps to determine the changes that need to be made to improve your conversion rate.

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Why invest in CRO?

The main goal of many digital marketing strategies is to attract traffic to websites. However, if visitors to your website do not provide any conversions, inbound traffic has no significance. In such a case; rather than dealing to gain more traffic to your website, it is much more important to do the conversion of incoming traffic (convert). Therefore, CRO is essential for increasing the efficiency of all digital marketing strategies that you apply.

In the present, let’s say that 2000 new users come to your website per month. To bring these users to your website, you use and invest in social media and Google ads, as well as search results in search engines. However, your macro conversion rate is only 0.05%, which means that incoming users have only 100 conversions per month (convert). Increasing your conversion rate by only 1% will allow you to transform your new macro to 200 per month. This increase also means that you get a lot more value for the investments you make to drive traffic to your website.

There is never a good enough conversion rate. Even if your conversion rate is 70%, this rate can always be improved. Investment in conversion rate optimization is one of the most strategic investments you can make for your website. Because it has a feature that can directly affect your macro transformations. Contact us to find out how we can help you grow your business with our CRO services.


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