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Your website’s conversion funnel directly impacts the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. With our conversion funnel optimization service, we provide you with customized solutions by identifying problems.

What is the Conversion Funnel?

The conversion funnel is a way for a user to be aware of your website and brand, so that your website can perform the conversions as it intended. Even if you don’t know what this term is, there’s a funnel for every website that works. As the term suggests, the funnel collapses as it approaches the end. Here’s how we can explain this with an example: You reached 100,000 people with a social media ad, 1,000 of whom saw your ad and visited your website by clicking the link. 100 of them visited the pages related to the services and charges you offered, and finally 10 of them purchased the products and services you offer. All the steps followed by 10 people who purchased products and services from 100,000 people who saw the ad constitute the conversion funnel.

The conversion targets in each step of the funnel are different. For example, the conversion intent of the given social media ad is to take clicks, the existing conversion target for visitors to the page is to visit pages such as service, product, and pricing pages. The conversion purpose of the product, service and compensation pages is to sell.

As Growth Marketing, we support you in every aspect of the funnel. With our services like SEO, PPC, PR, we help you to attract visitors to your website, improve conversion rates for visitors to your website with CRO works. In addition to all of these services, we create a dedicated digital marketing strategy to optimise your funnel directly.

What is User Journey?

Once a user has noticed your website, they will visit your website and go through various pages on your website. After the page users enter your website, the journey they perform on your website is called user journey. If your website is getting traffic, there is a journey that your users follow. This journey is not always the way you hoped. You may want a user to go to the contact page at the end of the journey and fill out the contact form, but perhaps no user coming to your website will do so.

By exploring and reviewing the journey maps of users arriving on your website, we determine where users are performing out-of-the-scenes actions. In this way, with CRO work to be done on your website, user journeys are more and more as you intended.

Another advantage of determining and examining the users ‘ journey map is to learn about the performance of digital marketing campaigns. To illustrate the example: when users leave the website on the first page they enter and spend a very short time on the site, the traffic taken to your website may have an indication that there is no relevant traffic. If users are leaving your website after seeing charges, targeting higher-income people with digital marketing campaigns or making changes to fees can contribute to your website’s performance.

If you are curious about your users ‘ journey map and want to improve their path, we offer many services to meet your needs. Contact us for information about solutions that we can produce exclusively for you.

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Conversion Funnel Optimization Services

Our funnel optimization services analyse your website’s funnels and determine the work that needs to be done to improve it. Using Google Analytics and heat maps data for funnel optimization, we detect and examine what phases users have made in the funnel. As a result of our reviews, we produce and implement solutions that will facilitate and encourage users to progress towards the end of the funnel (for sale or the actual purpose of your website).

Analyzing User Data

We analyse the journey map of your website users before optimizing the funnel. We use your Google Analytics data and heat maps to perform our analysis. We’ll then review the funnel used on your website. As a result of our analysis and review, we list the issues according to their significance and share them with you before proceeding to the solution stage. We will proceed to the solution process immediately after your return.

Tailor-based solutions for your data

We address the issues in your funnel based on severity and address the most critical issues first. We are doing a detailed analysis of your industry and target audience to find valid solutions to these problems. With the help of our analyses and the experience gained within the digital marketing industry for years, we are generating solutions for problems that are present in your funnel that make it difficult for your website to gain significant conversions for you.

The importance of Conversion Funnels in digital marketing

A digital marketing strategy means a conversion funnel. The main thing created with digital marketing strategies is precisely the conversion funnel. A good digital marketing campaign has a plan for all the steps taken from taking traffic to making sales. In addition, having a funnel plan makes digital marketing work easier. Because the specific conversion objectives in each step give clarity to the marketing efforts to be made.

If you’re not sure what your funnel is, and you want to learn and improve your funnel, we offer almost all the services you might need. Contact us to find out about the solutions we will produce tailored to your business.


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