With our heat map analysis service, we create heat maps on important pages on your website and provide solutions that can improve conversion rates by analyzing the data acquired.

What is Heatmapping?

Heat maps are analysis tools used in aggregate analysis of the behavior of visitors to a specific page on your website. A lot of data is obtained with heat maps such as; the texts that visitors view with intensity, the texts that visitors have never read, the most clicked and never clicked links, how much they scroll on the page, etc. This data is presented visually as a heat map (you can review the sample image). Areas where views, clicks, or mouse movements are common are shown in red, while the intensity decreases, the colors turn blue.
Heat maps can be created through special software. The most popular softwares are HotJar and CrazyEgg. By placing this software on the page where you want to create a heat map, you can see the heat maps generated by the tools on the website. One thing we need to warn is that this kind of software slows down the page. With the work of extra JavaScript codes, this software collects data, causing the page to slow down a bit. Therefore, if the heat maps are not actively examined and the conversion rate optimization is not to be conducted, we do not recommend that you keep the heat map scripts on your page.

Iluustration about heatmaps

Heatmap Analysis

Heat maps are only useful for presenting data and visualize this data. For the effective use of heat maps, they must be analyzed by the expert teams. Yes, you can review the heat maps by uploading the necessary scripts to your website, but the most important factor in analyzing this data is experience. As Growth Marketing, we examined the heat maps on websites of a lot of similar business. That’s why we have a lot of experience with our team to help us identify conversion problems and produce solutions.

With our Heatmap Analysis service, we are creating and generating heat maps of important pages on your website. We develop solutions for these problems by identifying problems that may affect your conversion rates with our analyses. The ideal method for CRO is to test solution ideas with A/B tests and to determine the changes that need to be performed based on statistical data. Check out the A/B test page.


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