UX Optimization

By improving the user experience, you make it easier for your website visitors to find the content they want and perform the actions they wish to do.

Imagine visiting an ecommerce site. First, you wanted to visit a page like “About us ” To get information about the seller, but you couldn’t find this page. Then you wanted to add a product you liked to your cart, but you had to deal with it because it was a bit complicated. Finally, you came to purchase the product, you were warned “You need to be a member ” but you could find the button you need to click to sign up after 2 minutes of browsing the page. You can imagine the frustration you might feel in such a situation.

You should optimize your website’s user experience so that users of your website don’t experience similar experiences. With our UX optimization service, we fully meet your requirements. Users who are comfortable using your website can browse more pages, perform the actions they want to make easier, and result in more convenient conversion actions that you target. This increases the earnings from your website, but also improves the SEO and CRO status of your website. Contact us for more information about our user experience optimisation service and to find out more about our tailored solutions.

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UX Optimization Services

Below you can find detailed information about the studies we have implemented within our UX optimization services. Within our work to improve the user experience on your website; There are real user tests, heat map and Google Analytics analyses, analysis of problems, supporting solutions with designs, etc. We acquire and analyse the data needed for UX optimization through user testing and analysis tools. As a result of reviews, we identify situations that pose problems. The problems identified are analyzed by our marketing and UX designer teams, and are visualized as a design.

User Tests

We don’t think there’s a better way to measure the user experience than to review actual users ‘ experiences. Therefore, we ask users similar to your visitors to make a number of transactions on your website and to voice their thoughts when performing these actions. By taking note of the experience of users on the website, we identify the challenges they face when they navigate your website. In these difficulties, there are many different situations, such as not finding the website elements they are looking for, the designs that cause confusion. We use the feedback we receive from users in the next steps to improve the UX of your website.

Heatmap Analysis

In order to analyse the user experience of website visitors, we also use user tests as well as the pages ‘ heat maps (click here to learn more about heat maps) and Google Analytics data. The factor that makes the review of this data more powerful is the feedback we obtain from real users. The heat map and Google Analytics data that we have ideas about how users think are gaining much more meaning. By examining this data, we have the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of a larger number of users.

Solution Production

As a result of examining user tests, heat maps and Google Analytics data, we identify problems that adversely affect the user experience on your website. You can imagine that with so much data and the experience we’ve acquired for years, it’s very possible that we’re detecting problems right. Following the detection of UX issues, our marketing and UX designer teams develop solutions for problems by brainstorming issues and considering the best practices specific to these situations. By sharing these solutions with you, we also take your opinion on the subject.

UX Design

To further strengthen the solutions we produce, we design these solutions with our experienced UX designer team. The aim of UX designs is to create a guide with all solutions in bulk. By sharing the designs we created, we apply the changes you want to make and prepare the final design. We convey the designs that have reached its final. You can apply these designs yourself on your website or choose to work with us. Contact us to ask questions about UX optimization and get ideas.

Better UX, Better Revenue

The user experience affects a lot of optimization status including SEO and CRO. A user who is confused about where to get the information he wants on your website, who can’t understand how to go to the next step, can leave your website in a frustrated way or reconsider their ideas about doing business with you. To avoid such situations, UX optimization is very important for your website. Users who are not struggling to understand where and how to find information on the website, can easily perform the operation they want; can learn more about you on your website and make macro and micro transformations more comfortable. This means that both your website earnings increase and your website is improved in search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.


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