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We develop digital marketing strategies suitable for your industry and implement better digital marketing campaigns with more convenient budgets.

Just as it is difficult to arrive at a destination via an aircraft with no route, so is opening up to the digital world without a strong digital marketing strategy. We are aware of the difficulties regarding marketing in this age where new digital marketing methods are emerging with each passing day and existing methods are constantly changing. We are here to overcome these difficulties, and we are here to do it with you.

Yes, the competition is high and the road is tough, but what you get when you reach your goal is equally satisfying. In order to unite your brand with these rewards, we develop, constantly check and update the newest digital marketing strategies. How about journeying with us to the Promised Land in this gigantic digital world of 2019?

Our Approach on Digital Marketing Strategy

Here are some of the most important issues we tackle when building your digital marketing strategy:

  • Sector
  • Brand
  • Competitors
  • Target Audience
  • Marketing Platforms
  • Analyzability

First of all, we start our analyses by examining your sector and brand. We obtain information about how your sector operates, and we identify the solutions it creates and the problems that make it exist. We analyze your brand and establish your brand language and its image. Then we identify and analyze your competitors. We define the points where you are able to create a difference among your competitors in the digital environment. These points contribute substantially to deciding on a strategy that can make you stand out in the digital world. After that, we conduct target audience analysis. We look into how and where you can reach your audience, and provide data about what your audience wants to see and click on. Finally, we identify the most convenient platforms where you can apply your marketing strategies and create analyzable digital marketing strategies. Creating analyzable strategies offers us the necessary infrastructure to improve them further over time.

Digital Strategy Services

Until today, we have worked with many brands wishing put forth their presence in the best way in the digital world, and have offered them the best strategies they can apply in digital marketing. Here are some other services we offer in this area:

Digital Marketing Audit

With the authority you grant us, we examine the analytic platform you use and establish which of your strategies are successful and which can be improved. We present you steps you can take for your improvable strategy.

View Digital Marketing Audit page

B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B marketing strategies differ from other marketing strategies. Taking this into consideration, we develop strategies exclusively for B2B sectors. We establish marketing tactics that make your brand stand out in the sector and put forward applicable steps for you.

View B2B Marketing Strategy page

Competitor Analysis

Competitors are key aspects in getting the upper hand in the digital market. Identifying the strategies they use and making brand analysis present key data about your sector, determining your target audience and establishing your brand’s shortcomings.

View Competitor Analysis page

Strategic Recommendations

We combine our team’s experience in SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, conventional marketing and human psychology, and make the most convenient, understandable, analyzable and applicable suggestions for your brand.

What’s Next?

Once we form suggestions regarding your digital marketing strategy, we send that to you as a written report and if you wish, we go over each point in the report in a virtual meeting.

If you have staff in your company who is able to apply the strategies we offer, you can apply them yourself or you can work with us so that we can apply these strategies for you. We would be honored to work with you with our team where we offer SEO, SEM, PPC, PR and social media marketing services!


These guys are fantastic! Extremely professional, and delivered some exceptional results.

Founder, Empatika

I’ve been in SEO and digital marketing more than 10 years. There are few people I trust on these subjects and Yaşar (Founder of GrowthMar) is one of them.

SEO Guru

My website had been stucked in position 3-4 on Google for so long. Thanks to GrowthMar, now it’s #1!

CEO, JagBits

Why Outsource Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your digital marketing strategy is one of the most important elements regarding your brand. Even if you have the best product/service, the quality of these products or services do not matter as long as you are unable to introduce them to your target audience.

By working with us, you benefit from the digital marketing experience of a large team and gain an external perspective on matters. We can identify and look at the details you cannot see from an insider’s point of view, and handle them. We determine the shortcomings of your marketing strategy and give you the opportunity to sort them out in the best way. When you choose to work with us for your digital marketing strategy you will:

  • Gain an “outsider’s” perspective
  • Benefit from all the experience and knowledge of our team of experts,
  • Get analyzable, applicable strategies that fit your brand and sector, and most importantly, you get strategies for growth/development.

If you know the digital marketing channels you need for your strategy and are looking for a partner to provide these services directly, you can browse our SEO, Digital PR, PPC, CRO, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing solutions.

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