B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketing campaigns of B2B products and services work very differently, and this difference increases the importance of B2B marketing strategy so much more.

A well-established B2B marketing strategy makes it possible to reach your target audience in the right way!

A business to business marketing strategy must aim that a company reaches other companies that are in its target audience accurately with proper advertising budgets. Well then, how do we create an “accurate” marketing strategy? The most important part is conducting a target audience analysis, determining the needs and behavior patterns of the target audience, and reaching them through accurate marketing channels. After completing the target audience and sector analyses, we create marketing strategies that are suitable to the company’s advertising budget.

B2B marketing strategies differ greatly in terms of structure from other marketing strategies. Consumers can behave arbitrarily when making a choice in a digital environment, however, that is not the case for business owners. Expenditures are made for investment purposes, they are not arbitrary. When purchasing various products and services that increase, enable and automate the efficiency of their business, the owners consider these expenditures as investments. That’s why the significance of product and service in B2B marketing strategies increase, and these products and services are the foundation of these strategies.

Another difference is that reaching businesses in a digital environment is very distinct. While it is possible to reach consumers in various ways from every channel, in B2B marketing detailed analyses are required to reach the target businesses through digital channels.

Our approach on b2b marketing strategy

Our Approach on B2B Marketing Strategy

With various tactics, tools we use and our experiences in B2B marketing strategies, our most important goal is what you gain from these strategies. That’s why we chose the name of our firm as “Growth”. After conducting numerous analyses such as sector analysis, target audience analysis and competitor analysis, we provide you with marketing strategies that can aim to help you grow in applicable, understandable, analyzable and improvable steps.


Your website is your digital workplace. Its speed, contents, navigation, fonts that are used, even visuals can determine the difference between winning and losing a customer. We analyze your website, identify your shortcomings and offer you solutions to improve them.


By analyzing your sector, we gather information about how your sector functions and we identify the problems that your sector offers solutions and these solution methods. That analysis gives us the opportunity to get closely acquainted with you, your business and your customers, and it contributes greatly to our strategies.


We scrutinize current marketing strategies, websites and social media accounts of your successful competitors in your sector, establish your differences, and offer you guidelines to close the gap between you and them (if there is any).


We analyze the businesses in your target audience and determine why they need the services and products you provide. We identify through which digital marketing channels you can reach them, as well as how.


71% of B2B buyers start their research by carrying out their search on search engines and conduct an average of 12 searches before deciding on the firm they want to do business with. We identify your site’s SEO position and shortcomings, and offer you guidelines that you can apply.


We combine all our analysis results and offer you a data-oriented, applicable, jargon-free B2B marketing strategy. If you wish, you can apply the guidelines for strategy we offer yourself, or you can become partners with us so we can do it for you!

Why do you need a B2B Marketing Strategy?

46% of B2B buyers leave a website immediately, because the services and products provided by the website they visit are unclear. And 37% leave the site if they are not satisfied with its structure or navigation.

As you can see, B2B buyers are very picky when making a choice, and even the smallest things can have huge impacts on their decisions. In the rapidly changing digital age, drowning in technical details, overlooking important factors, and having no awareness of new trends is quite common. B2B marketing strategies developed by marketing experts allow you to see and improve your shortcomings.


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