Digital Marketing Audit

The aim of digital marketing audit is to analyze the digital marketing strategies that are actively applied by marketing experts and business owners, and to identify shortcomings and improvable things in these strategies. These conditions that are identified by the digital marketing audit are important sources for developing better marketing strategies.

With our experienced digital marketing experts, we analyze the digital marketing methods you use and offer you applicable suggestions that can help you further develop these methods. While offering guidelines to extend efficient channel usage by analyzing how much efficiency you get from which digital marketing channel, we also present guidelines that can contribute to development of relatively inefficient channels.

With our digital marketing audit service, you can have the opportunity to have your campaigns analyzed by expert eyes with an external perspective. You can create more efficient campaigns and increase your ROI with the guidelines we present to develop and grow your campaigns. We look forward to providing you with the best service! If what you need is to ensure welfare of the strategies you apply and improve them, you can contact us for our digital marketing audit service and ask any questions you have.

Our Approach on Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing audit consists of many different steps, to put how we conduct it in a nutshell: WE ANALYZE EVERYTHING. We analyze your sector, your competitors, digital marketing channels and strategies used by your competitors, your position in SEO, efficiency of active campaigns in your PPC channels, your target audience, ways of reaching your target audience… We analyze everything that is necessary and important with our experienced staff, and offer you applicable steps.


We analyze Google Analytics, various analytics tools, keywords, and target audience tools, and then we identify campaigns performing against your KPI. We determine why these campaigns underperform and also feasible steps to improve them.


Preparing a digital marketing campaign without performing target audience analysis is like trying to hit a piñata with a blindfold on. Your goal must be in sight and defined in a clear way. That’s why we analyze your target audience’s demographic information and behavior patterns, and get key information that contributes to your campaign.


It is possible to reach your target audience through many channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google, Twitter and Instagram. However, a PPC campaign is like a double-edged sword; if it is not used properly, you may content yourself with watching your money in your bank account go down the drain. We analyze your PPC campaigns, identify vital opportunities and submit them for your information.


On Google, approximately 75,000 searches per second are done by people trying to find answers to their questions or to find the services and products they need. Some of these searches are done by your target audience, through keywords that are related to your business. That’s exactly why your site’s SEO position is more important than ever. We examine your SEO position and site, and offer guidelines on how you can reach your target audience through search engines.


Some of the most important factors in terms of digital marketing campaign success are industry and competition. We examine your industry and analyze the relevancy of your campaigns in this industry and identify problems if any. We also examine competitor campaigns that get either more efficient or inefficient results than you, and determine the factors that increase or decrease efficiency in marketing campaigns.


We combine all our analyses and offer you applicable guidelines with our digital marketing audits, where you can analyze the results to further improve them and increase your campaign efficiency. Since the guidelines we provide are free from jargon, understandable and data-oriented, you can apply them with your own marketing team or you can choose to work with us so we do it for you.

Why do you need “Digital Marketing Audit”?

In the digital age, one of the most important assets you have is your website. Whether it is e-commerce, SaaS, or a website you display your services, that website is no different from a store in this day and age. There is no need to explain the importance of store location for a business, everyone knows that you can do more business in a busy street. The way of moving your website to the busiest streets in the digital world is through strong digital media campaigns.

With our digital marketing audit, you can observe how you can move your website step by step to these busy streets. You may overlook many visual or technical details even when a button’s position, color, or font is vital for people’s decision-making process. We identify and unearth these details for you, and then we make applicable, solution-oriented suggestions to you. We understand very well how important your business is for you and we would be very happy to be your business partner to improve your business.


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