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PR is very important for every brand. Whether you’re a newly established start-up or a long-standing brand in the industry, digital PR will make a huge contribution to your brand and business.

Digital PR is the biggest power for your brand to be heard and known in digital media. With digital PR, you have the opportunity to introduce your brand, your brand and your employees ‘ stories, products and services to a lot of people in the digital world, but you are also investing in a useful SEO effort.

There are key factors that make a PR campaign successful. Combining the right stories with the right audience comes at the very beginning of these key factors. We identify stories that you can publish to add value to the reader and we make them to be shared on blogs and news websites which your target audience actively visit Contact us to inquire about your digital PR questions and find out how we can help you with this.

What does Digital PR contribute to your business?

The key benefit of digital PR is that it makes your brand visible in trusted digital environments. When your audience visits websites that have content related to your brand, those visitors will be acquainted with your brand or remember your brand again, and your brand profile will be stronger in their minds.

As you’ll appreciate; when you trade with a brand that you haven’t heard and seen before, every person will be slightly abstaining. Dealing with this problem is the most important factor in the emergence of Digital PR services. By strengthening your brand visibility and awareness in the digital world, you can increase your brand’s authority and credibility.

Digital PR Services

We implement a few different PR strategies to provide you with the most suitable digital PR services according to your business needs. The main reason for this difference is that we want to make sure that you get the best value for your investment by implementing strategies that will contribute to your brand. Although each PR service we offer in a technical sense is similar, it is the target audience that allows them to take place in different categories. Taking into consideration the interests and behaviors of your audience, we create different content that will interest them and share the content we create on websites that are likely to be visited by your target audience in a digital environment. You can see the digital PR services we offer below and visit their respective pages for more details.

Local PR

If you have a local business and your customer/lead audience is creating by the people who reside in your area of service, the most accurate PR category for your job will be Local PR. With local PR you can strengthen your brand awareness in your region and have the chance to introduce yourself to your potential customers. To achieve all of this, after preparing powerful content for your business, we ensure that these content is included in local newspapers and blogs.

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National PR

If the target audience you offer products and services is nationwide, and if you want to increase the nationwide awareness of your brand, we recommend our national PR service. By conducting an audience analysis, we determine what kind of content your products and services appeal to people like. Using the information we obtain from the target audience analysis, we produce original and engaging content for your business to be on national, reliable news sources.

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Industry PR

The PR category is industry PR, which we generally recommend for brands with business-to-business models. However, for some brands that offer products and services directly to the consumer, industry PR can be a logical choice. The only thing you need to decide is to determine your target audience. If your audience is comprised of people in a particular industry, you can reach them with the industry PR and have the opportunity to promote your brand.

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To strengthen your brand’s digital structure and increase your awareness in the industry, all you have to do is work with our experienced PR team and leave all the heavy burden to them. By analyzing your industry and audience, we are producing the best content that will allow people to share and talk about you, and prepare the best PR strategy for you. Simply contact us to find out how we can contribute to your brand with our digital PR services.

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Our Approach to Digital PR

Strategy Building

There are three main methods we use to create a strategy: analysis, analysis and more. By analyzing a wide variety of topics, such as your industry, website, business, and target audience, we get a lot of important information needed to create our strategies. We use this information to make your PR campaign more successful. By analyzing your audience, identifying what types of content they are attracted to, what kind of stories they sympathize and admire, we plan and strategize the content and stories that will appeal to your audience to use in digital PR. We then further strengthen your digital PR strategy by identifying the platforms where sharing of these content is the most accurate.

Media Connections

Identifying the most accurate platforms and websites to share the content we create is one of the most important parts of the strategy. We communicate for you with the valuable websites that we set in our strategy and we provide the content to be published. Not every editor always accepts every content. Therefore, by applying the necessary changes to be accepted, we ensure that you will definitely find a place on the websites where your brand is important to take place. Because of our many PR campaigns, this part is easier for us as Growth Marketing. Thanks to the quality content we have prepared before, and thanks to our experienced PR team, we provide you with the right place in digital media.

Press Release Distribution

Press releases have a very important place in digital PR studies as well as in traditional PR studies. A quality content replaces numerous news websites with press releases and provides great visibility for brands. If you wish to produce the required content for press releases, we may also tailor the content you have prepared to the digital PR work. With press releases, your message and story can be shared by influencers on a wide variety of news websites and industries, and may have a digital steroid effect on your brand. Contact us to find out about our specific solutions. We are here to provide a place where your brand deserves in digital environment!

What to Expect from Digital PR Campaigns

Think about what successful brands are doing. One of the common points of all-if they use different channels-they must be able to be in front of their audience, introduce themselves to them, and then constantly remind themselves. In a study, participants are asked to look at the photos of a group of people first. In the second part of the research, it is asked which of the two people shown in the photos is more reliable. However, one of the people compared to the photos shown to the participants before, the other is the first time the participants saw. The participants, at a great rate, say that people who they have seen the photograph before are more trustworthy.

This is one of the methods of working in the human brain. If he has seen something before (and has not suffered from it), it is much more likely to feel confident. The basis of all advertising campaigns are actually this. Even if there are no perfectly-edited ads, brands are constantly generating ads and delivering them to their target audience. If what we’re telling you is surprising, think about the products you bought in the last grocery shopping. What percentage of brands you bought regularly in ads or elsewhere? We are confident that this percentage will be quite high.

This is precisely the main purpose of digital PR campaigns. Engaging your brand with your target audience, making it visible and increasing the sense of trust in humans. However, as Growth Marketing, we are not only satisfied with this, but we are going one step further. We do not only make our customers “visible “, we produce content that will allow them to be shared, connect and interact with their audiences. The content we produce is shared on the news and blog platforms that are likely to be visited by your target audience and we provide increased consumption.

The Connection between Digital PR and SEO

Digital PR and SEO are the works that strengthen each other. As a successful website in SEO, without much effort, you can see its name in the digital world; with a successful digital PR campaign, you can see very important results in SEO. SEO makes your brand visible in many searches, allowing you to see the content you create for your website by a large audience. The audience that likes your content can promote your brand by sharing this content on their websites or other platforms. On the other side of the mirror, the website of a brand that has found its own place on many websites and digital media with digital PR work will be rewarded by the search engines thanks to its authority. That’s why we encourage you to take advantage of our digital PR and SEO services at the same time. In this way, both digital PR and SEO work will give you much better results in favour of your brand.


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