A strong brand sells easier. Having a customer audience who loves and respects them, should be more important to the brand than anything else.

One of the fundamental mistakes that many business owners make is that they focus primarily on marketing, rather than raising the brand value. This is a very wrong approach because if you do not have a good brand, the yield from marketing studies and the return on invesment will be low. Even if you offer products and services to meet the needs of people who see your ad on social media and Google, they will be reluctant to trade with you because they don’t recognise and know your brand. As Growth Marketing, we determine the strategies necessary for companies to strengthen their brand and help them to practice these strategies. Contact us to ask your questions about our branding efforts or solutions that we can produce specifically for your needs.

Illustration about Branding

What is branding, what isn’t?

When you do a little research on branding, you will find that branding in many sources is identical to the design. Branding is perceived by the majority as the design of things such as logos, websites, business cards. This is a very big mistake. Although the design is part of the branding, branding is not just about that. To become a strong brand, you must have a number of values. You must have healthy organizational habits. Strong brands must have passions and goals. These goals are not only about making money, but should be intended to turn the world into a slightly better place.

If we need to make an example of a strong brand, the Tesla brand established by Elon Musk will be a very good example. Because Tesla doesn’t just aim to sell cars. Yes, this is necessary to ensure the company’s continuation, but Tesla’s main purpose is to contribute to preventing global warming by producing ideal alternatives to gasoline-powered cars. These goals give customers or potential customers a strong reason to love and support Tesla. Because the goals of the brands offer the opportunity to bring together people of the same thought. These kind of goals ensures that your brand is advertised by your customers and brand fans, even if you don’t advertise your brand yourself. Because Tesla has certain values and objectives, marketing campaigns are also much more successful because people have reasons to reconcile themselves with Tesla.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider branding not only as a design work, but also to account for brand values, objectives and habits. As Growth Marketing, we support you by examining your brand, industry and target audience in terms of design and other aspects of branding.

Branding and Marketing Duo

While marketing strengthen the brand, branding is also an important factor in the efficiency of marketing strategies. Marketing ensures that your brand is seen by your target audience, which gains awareness and strengthens your brand value. However, many of the marketing efforts (except PR) carry a purpose beyond gaining brand awareness: to sell. Therefore, it is not an ideal choice to use only marketing efforts for branding. On the other hand, the marketing strategies of a strong brand are more efficient and the ROI value is higher. The reason for this is that the audience that you reach through marketing studies provides a great ease of recognizing and liking your brand and convincing them to buy.
So where to start?

In an ideal situation, branding should start before starting the business activity. Although basic branding efforts are generally carried out at an early stage, they are very simple steps such as logo, package, website design, and these studies are definitely not sufficient. A consumer does not like your brand because it has a tremendous logo, it loves your product and service quality, the values you have and your brand purpose. This list can be extended further. Therefore, the determination of such strategies for a brand is crucial.
Even if you have not developed the necessary branding strategies for your brand in the early stages, the sooner you start developing the better. Marketing and branding work together. You can see significant increases in your long-term ROI, even if overall costs increase when you choose to work on both marketing and branding.. By investing in marketing strategies that support branding and creating brand profiles that will help you gain potential customers in marketing, you take a very important step for the future and success of your business.

Contact us if you have no idea where to start, or if you want to be branded with the support of our professional teams.

Branding Services

Within our branding services, as with any service we offer, we perform many analyses and research and use the findings to create the best branding strategies for your brand. We get a lot of information and ideas that you can use by analyzing your industry, company, organizational structure, target audience and many more factors. By sharing these information and ideas with you and talking about them, we determine the most appropriate branding strategies for your brand.


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