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Let’s take your business one step further, with result-oriented, data-driven PPC marketing.

PPC (Pay per click) is the general name given to the type of ad you pay per click you get. Platforms such as Google, Bing and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are included in these types of ads. You can create PPC ad campaigns through these frequently used platforms and increase your revenue by reaching out to your target audience through these platforms.

Although it is fairly easy to set-up PPC ads, it is often difficult to get desired results. To create a successful advertising campaign, detailed analyses must be made and campaigns must be prepared very meticulously based on the data gathered by those analyses. This is exactly what we do on services we offer as Growth Marketing. After determining the needs of your brand, we create and implement results-oriented and data-driven PPC advertising strategies to meet your needs. Contact us for more information about the solutions that we can offer you exclusively.

One of the Best PPC Agency in Europe: Growth Marketing

Although we believe that we are the best in this regard, we are introducing ourselves as “one of the best” for now because there is no prize that we have received “yet”.

So, what makes Growth Marketing one of the best?

Understanding customers and customer needs. Because we have been in this sector for many years, we have understood the general problem of PPC agencies and one of these common problems is to assign the customer and client needs to the second plan. As Growth Marketing, we consider our customers and needs as the most important factor. We offer tailor-made solution-oriented strategies for all our services. In this way, we believe that we are the business partner of our customers in digital marketing, rather than being a monotonized PPC agency.

You can contact us for PPC solutions that we can offer you exclusively or just to say “Hello”.

PPC Services

In order to meet all the digital needs of your brand, we offer many services within the scope of PPC marketing. We also extend the range of services we offer every day. For more information about the services we offer, you can browse the relevant pages(see links below) or contact us.

PPC Audits and Reviews

If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and want to get help on which points you need to change, you can take advantage of our PPC Audit and PPC Review services. By analyzing your PPC campaigns, industry and audience in detail, we offer solutions to improve your ad campaigns’ ROI (Return-on-investment).

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Google Ads Management

If you want to get professional support for the Google Ads campaigns that you set-up or want to set-up, you can take advantage of our Google Ads Management service. We aim to increase your revenue by leveraging Google ads campaigns, analyzing search trends through Google Ads, data from analytics tools you use, your industry and audience.

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Google Display Network

If you want to use the Google Display Network to grow your business and get professional support for this, our Google Display Network Ads Management Service is exactly what you need. By analyzing user profiles, your website, your industry, and your audience, we create the best Google Display Network advertising campaigns for your business.

View “Google Display Network” page


If you are actively using PPC campaigns for marketing and want to increase the efficiency of these campaigns with remarketing, you can take advantage of our remarketing service. We aim to get better results for your digital marketing investments with remarketing ads targeting users who have visited your website at least once.

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Illustration about PPC advertising

Data driven paid search advertising

One of the topics that digital ads are superior to traditional ads is that it’s easier to access the data needed to create healthy ad campaigns. We use this advantage in the services we offer and we create PPC marketing campaigns not based on subjective opinions but based on data-driven objective information.

This is precisely why many non-successful digital marketing agencies aren’t successful: they create advertising campaigns based on ideas, not data. With the awareness of this, we first care about the data in the industry and advertising platforms, leaving aside personal opinions on all digital marketing services we offer.

We are also aware of the importance of creative ideas in advertising campaigns. We take the idea-based steps when we have enough reliable data. In this way, we have a solid foundation that we can build on. With paid search advertising created with data-driven and creative ideas, we aim to offer you the best digital marketing services.


These guys are fantastic! Extremely professional, and delivered some exceptional results.

Founder, Empatika

I’ve been in SEO and digital marketing more than 10 years. There are few people I trust on these subjects and Yaşar (Founder of GrowthMar) is one of them.

SEO Guru

My website had been stucked in position 3-4 on Google for so long. Thanks to GrowthMar, now it’s #1!

CEO, JagBits

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