PPC Audits

We know that the most important thing for your business in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns is the Return-on-Investment. In order to increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns, we provide PPC audit services based on detailed analyses.

With our experienced PPC managers, we provide you with detailed analysis of your PPC campaigns, and we suggest usable and analysable solutions to get the most out of your investment. There are many factors that allow you to get a bad result when advertising on search engines like Google and Bing. Your budget can drain quickly if campaigns are not created carefully and in detail. This is because the ads are not optimized for conversions. Everyone can advertise with in the Google Ads interface within 5 minutes, however, most people don’t get convertions(sales or leads etc) by spending advertising budget on PPC, and even if they do, their ROI is low.

The basic factor is that the algorithms for Google Ads-like platforms where you can create PPC campaigns are insufficient to act on their own. Yes, these algorithms are quite sophisticated, but they cannot achieve much success on their own without proper management. This is why PPC campaigns are required to be created or managed by experienced teams for campaign success and higher ROI.

As Growth Marketing, we offer PPC audit services to meet your needs. By reviewing your active ad campaigns, we improve your campaigns by detecting factors that waste your budget and reduce your ROI. Sontact us to get more detailed information about our PPC audit and PPC review services and to consult us about solutions that we can offer for you.

Pay-Per-Click Audits and Reviews

What exactly do we offer with our PPC audit and PPC review services?

We analyse your PPC campaigns to the finest detail. Before our analysis, we investigate the status of your industry in digital marketing and PPC competition. After we have enough information about the industry and competition, we do keyword research and competitor analysis. In this way, we identify the keywords you need to target. By analyzing the structure of your ad account and audience, we identify and report structural problems. By comparing the keywords that you target with the keywords that we research, we determine if there are new opportunities and whether you are targeting the right keywords. We report inefficient keywords used in your campaigns and new keyword opportunities that will help improve your campaigns.

Based on keywords and user intent, we determine the content changes you can apply to your landing pages. If the landing page is also a targeted page for SEO, these updates generally improve the optimization of the page.

Finally, all analyses and research results are examined by Growth Marketing PPC managers and reported to you. We also inform you about how you can set-up your conversion goals on Google Analytics and Google Ads for later analysis and development of your PPC campaigns, in our reports. Analysable data is crucial for later improvements to PPC campaigns. The next steps can be determined by determining which change was more efficient.

We look forward to providing you with PPC Audit service for more efficient PPC campaigns! Contact us if you can’t get the performance you want from your PPC campaigns and you want to fix this.


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