You can reach out to users who have interacted with your brand through digital ads and website, and increase your brand value as well as make more sales with our remarketing services.

Remarketing allows us to create lower-budget, higher conversion ads specifically for users who have engaged with your brand.. Remarketings magic is the creation of special advertisements for users which has already shown interest in your brand or products and services. Such users are more likely to interact with ads and more likely to do business with your brand.

Remarketing is must-have digital marketing option if you are already running or wanting to run PPC campaigns. Contact us to get information about the services we can offer you exclusively on Remarketing.

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Remarketing Services

As Growth Marketing, we have a lot of work involved in our remarketing service. As with any service we offer, we care about detailed analysis and research, and we believe that the creation of data-driven advertising campaigns is the healthiest way in digital marketing.

We can briefly summarize the functioning of our Remarketing service as follows:

  • Examining the PPC campaigns that your brand has conducted or want to carry out.
  • Analyzing industry you’re in and your target audience.
  • Determining the best remarketing strategies that can be used for your brand.
  • Optimize PPC ads for more convenient remarketing.
  • Implementation of created strategies.
  • Analyzing the results and developing open points for development. (This step repeats continuously.)

Remarketing Basics

There are algorithms that make remarketing possible on search engine ads like Google, Bing and social media ads like Facebook, Instagram, and more. However, if they are used without any extra optimization, the desired efficiency of remarketing cannot be reached. That’s why we optimize PPC ad campaigns to have more data that can be used for remarketing ads, and we’re preparing the necessary infrastructure to make remarketing campaigns more organized and efficient.

Website Remarketing

With special ads for customers who have already visited your website, you can have them revisit your website and buy something. All you need is to do this: website remarketing. We provide a variety of cookie setups on your website to optimize your website for remarketing. By using these cookies, we create custom ads for people who visit your website.

Social Media Remarketing

Through social media, it is possible to create ads that target users who have visited your website and who have engaged with your social media accounts. With our social media remarketing service, which we do via the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other media platforms, we create custom ads for users who interacted with your website or social media accounts. This enables them to re-engage with your brand and review the products and services you offer.


A very important effect of Remarketing is to increase brand awareness. If you wish, we prepare remarketing campaigns to increase brand awareness only. By creating custom ads for users who interacted with your website or social media accounts, we aim to make them remember your brand, make your brand noticeable, and stand out in your industry. Click here for other branding services we offer.


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