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Just as you read this sentence, about 450,000 searches have been made on the Google search engine. Some of these searches are related to your industry , services you offer and your products. With our SEO services, you can reach your potential customers in this incredible search volume as well.

There is approximately 75,000 searches done per second in the Google search engine. Doing these searches, people find answers to their questions, and do research about the products and services they are interested in. Even just by looking at the number of searches, you can see how important it is to invest in SEO for your business.

Every day, hundreds or thousands  of people search for services or products that you produce, and you not appearing in these search results means you will miss out on a huge business potential. With our SEO services you can rank higher in the search engines, reach your potential customers in the search results and expand your consumer group!

Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing

The first places we stop by to find answers to our questions are search engines like Google and Bing. These search engines, which provide us with the information we need thanks to their advanced algorithms, have great significance in digital marketing. The reason why they are so important is that unlike traditional advertisements, they allow you to reach directly your potential customers who show interest in the products and services you offer. For instance, you can surely guess how vital it is for a running shoe dealer to reach someone who searches for “running shoes” in search engines.

We improve your website’s position in the search engines through search engine optimization processes. Sites that perform well in the search engines receive more traffic, offer more sales opportunities and strengthen brand authority. That’s why investing in SEO services is extremely important. Moreover, it should be noted that in the long term (minimum 6 months) SEO is also one of the investments with the highest ROI value. If you have any questions about SEO and the SEO services we offer, or want to get more information, please contact us.

SEO Services

We have a wide range of search engine optimization services, but we can briefly summarize them below. You can get detailed information about our SEO services we listed down below from the related pages.

Local SEO

Search results show local results when using keywords like “seo los angeles”. These local results include results from Google Maps as well. The purpose of our local SEO service is to improve the site’s organic and Google Maps rankings in those search results.
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E-Commerce SEO

They are the SEO efforts we offer in order to improve the position of e-commerce sites in search engines. The reason why we put it in a different category is that optimization efforts implemented in such sites differ from others.
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National SEO

SEO efforts that are implemented to have a website appear in search results at a national level are called “national SEO”. The aim of national SEO is to improve an intended keyword’s position in search results on a national scale.
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International SEO

SEO efforts that are implemented to have a website appear in search results at an international level are called “international SEO”. The aim of international SEO is to improve a specified keyword’s position in search results on an international scale.
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New Website SEO Plan

Preparation process is the ideal phase for preparing a website in accordance with SEO. We ease this process for you by offering an SEO plan that you can apply while constructing your website.
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SEO Audit

We study and analyze all aspects of your website, both on-page and off-page. We provide a detailed to-do list for you explaining how to make improvements where they are needed and how to correct errors that need to be corrected.
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Mobile SEO

With each passing day, use of tablets and smartphones are increasing and this increase has affected SEO as well. Google has underlined the importance of mobile SEO by using the “mobile-first indexing” method. With mobile SEO, we help you improve your position in mobile results.

Technical SEO

Sites that are difficult to scan and index by search engines, disorganized and that contain many technical errors have difficulty in search results. We examine your website with all of its technical aspects, identify and sort out technical problems.

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Our SEO Process

Before anything else, we conduct keyword research to detect the most valuable keywords for your business. If there is no optimization for the keywords that can bring traffic, SEO efforts will have no value. Right after this, we do a competitor analysis and identify whether there are any keywords that might be overlooked or not, along with analyzing your competitors’ websites and consequently gaining a lot of information to help with your SEO plan. As a result of all these analyzes and research, we do your site’s ideal planning, and then determine the site’s shortcomings by comparing the ideal site structure with the existing site.

After creating a to-do list for the site, we analyze your website from a technical aspect, identify conditions that may cause problems to search engines, and add them to the to-do list. We continue performing off-page optimizations and produce periodically creative content for your site while also working regularly on the things in our to-do list on a monthly basis. There is no time limit for our SEO services, because there is no piece of work that we can call “done”. We do need to apply the steps we have mentioned (as well as we were not able to, since it is a summary) on your site regularly.

Technical Excellence

The most challenging thing for search engines is scanning a website that is poorly optimized on a technical level and understand what this site is about. In order to prevent this, we review, examine and analyze your website with all its technical aspects. We identify problems that may cause difficulties for search engines and sort them out. These problems are encountered quite often and can easily be overlooked, especially on websites that are built by WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors.

Quality Content

Websites with original and satisfying content are always more ahead in the search engines. Creating such content on a regular basis is especially beneficial in terms of SEO. We regularly create original and satisfying content for the valuable keywords we determine in our keyword research we conduct for our customers. We find new ideas with our creative copywriter staff and offer beneficial content, regardless of your sector.

Online Entity

Now, not only your website, but all your online entities also affect your rank in search engines. That’s why all your online entities from your social media accounts to your GMB account need regular optimization. Our SEO services do include efforts on these entities as well. We work to make you a whole brand with all your accounts and website in the eyes of the search engines in digital environment.

Why you need SEO services

We are sorry to say that it is difficult to find firms that do produce results in the SEO sector. It is not because some firms that provide SEO services have bad intentions, but because they do misunderstand SEO. There are still a lot of firms that claim to provide optimizations by stuffing keywords and buying lots and lots of backlinks. Unfortunately, these old techniques do more harm than good to websites.

Taking into account that even the firms offering SEO can do SEO inaccurately, you can clearly see why you need reliable SEO services. Our SEO team is able to apply long-term optimizations to your website thanks to the experience of many websites we work on and the many educational resources we follow up.

Google Penalty Recovery

As we explain above, inaccurate SEO efforts can do damage to websites. These damages include receiving penalties from Google. Google penalties are not impossible to recover from, and there is nothing to worry about. Your previous ranks will suffer, however, we can work to remove the penalties to your website. We know what Google expects from a website and what it reacts to. With this knowledge, we would be happy to help you remove the Google penalties in your website! For more information and your questions, please contact us via the contact form or e-mail.


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