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With our e-commerce SEO services, you can reach your target audience through search engines and increase your sales dramatically.

Search engines are one of the most important traffic sources of an e-commerce site. If your products rank high in the search engines, they can provide an enormous source of traffic and as a result, you can get new customers. The search engines, which are one of the first places we turn to when we search for a product, are one of the most important places you need to invest in marketing, because one of the traffic sources with the highest yield in the long-term is search engines like Google.

With our e-commerce SEO services, we improve your position in the search engines and provide you with a new traffic source so that you can reach your potential customers. Contact us for more information and to discuss what we can do for you.

What is E-Commerce SEO?

SEO efforts that aim to get the position of e-commerce sites higher in search engines are called e-commerce SEO. These efforts optimize product and category pages in e-commerce sites, and make it easy for the search engines to scan and understand said pages. However, since it would not be of much use for a visitor to come and go without purchasing a product, e-commerce SEO efforts include UX (user experience) and CRO (conversion rate optimization). The UX and CRO efforts improve experience of visitors coming to the website and by using methods that encourage purchasing, they aim to turn potential customers into customers.

E-Commerce SEO Services

We offer comprehensive e-commerce SEO services for e-commerce sites. We analyze your website in terms of both technical and design with the help of high-priced tools and marketing experience of our team, and we conduct extensive research to get your position higher in search engines. We can summarize our efforts below, but our studies are not limited to them. We create your SEO plan in order to address your specific needs once you identify them.

Technical Audit

E-commerce sites are intrinsically multi-paged and complicated websites. In these websites, which are created by using e-commerce CMSs (content management system), various technical errors that make it difficult for search engines can be found frequently. We detect and sort out these errors that are on your website and make your site easier to scan and understand for the search engines.

UX Audit and Improvements

We carry out UX efforts that are invaluable to both SEO and your sales. With our UX audit and user tests, we identify problems that might confuse users and sort them out with our creative design team. Websites that are easy to understand and navigate demonstrate much more successful results than others.

Product Page Optimisations

All pages on a website have great importance for e-commerce SEO. On e-commerce sites, many of these pages are product pages. We optimize the content and code on your product pages, and make these pages easy to scan, understand, and prefer for search engines.

Category Page Optimisations

In general, keywords that have an immense search volume on category pages are targeted. These keywords have the potential to generate a large traffic, and that’s exactly why we do detailed optimizations on category pages: to reach that high potential!

Conversion Rate Optimizations

If a visitor does not make the desired conversion, they do not contribute much to your business. In fact, a visitor who do not provide a conversion in any way is no different than a bot. That’s why we make conversion rate optimizations on your website to include visitors to your site to your consumer group.

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Benefits of E-commerce SEO

Can you imagine a better consumer group than potential users who on search engines search for products you sell? We can’t. Therefore, we can’t stress the importance of SEO efforts for an e-commerce site enough. Every month, thousands of people search the products you sell and search for online stores to buy them. Don’t waste any more time to reach them!

We examine, analyze and implement each and every e-commerce SEO step for you. We aim and hope to grow your business with the SEO efforts we make. Hence, all the work we do is more than saving the day, they are efforts that will make a great contribution to you and your business in the long run. Contact us to learn more about how you can reach to your potential success in e-commerce and to work with us to start your march to success.


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