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If you do business worldwide, you can rank better in all target countries and languages with international SEO efforts. This is exactly what we promise with the international SEO services we offer.

SEO efforts on a global level may create an overwhelming workload and become insurmountable. Despite Google being the most used search engine in the world, popular search engines are completely different in some countries. For instance, Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, Naver in Korea are widely used as search engines. And that is not the only challenge: If your target audience speaks a language other than English, you need to create and optimize a version of your website in that language. As Growth Marketing, we do all the hard work and provide a full range of international SEO services to make your website stand out worldwide. Please contact us for more information.

Our Approach on international SEO

Our international SEO efforts are very comprehensive and include every possible method for optimization purposes. Before anything else, we analyze your sector, status and operation of your sector on the global level, your global competitors, your website and keywords that are suited for you. Following this analysis, we create an SEO plan that is applicable step by step and we put that plan into practice with regular operations. We work with translators to create content in new languages and on other off-site efforts so that we don’t compromise on content quality. We aspire to make you thrive in the search engines that are popular in the target area by creating an SEO plan especially for these search engines.

We provide necessary off-site optimizations with the help of optimization practices on your website, social media and other digital accounts as well as working with media outlets from the target country. The aim of all our international SEO efforts is to make your website visible on the search engines in the country you want, to attract potential customers to your website and to help you grow your business. We have worked with many brands like you to help them grow their business on the global level. We would be honored and thrilled if you wish to work with us too!

International SEO Services

While it is not possible to describe the content of our comprehensive International SEO services one by one, we tried to summarize the search engine optimization practices we conduct below. As in everything we do, we produce data-based results from our detailed analysis in our international SEO efforts and use these results to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is amongst the work we do in every SEO effort. However, this analysis is carried out in a more detailed way in our global SEO efforts. Since the optimization practices will be carried out on more keywords in more countries and languages, we list, analyze and gather valuable information we can use in our SEO campaign for each target country, language and keyword.

International Audience

Another aspect of global SEO is that it is able to access people from different ethnic backgrounds. This difference affects people’s behavior and decision-making process on a website. That’s why we analyze your target audience with location and language-related changes in mind. As a result of our analysis, we develop different strategies we can use in different countries and languages, and then apply these strategies.

Website Optimizations

One of the most complicated tasks in international SEO is creating an optimized website structure. A proper website structure will help improve user experience as well as ease optimization efforts. In addition, general optimizations on the website allow search engine bots to easily scan the website, understand the content, and avoid incorrect results that originate from language differences.

Technical SEO

While website speed optimization and editing language structure of the website are at the head of technical optimizations, we accomplish much more in our work on global SEO. We analyze the structure of the website and pages, and identify conditions that may cause problems. We sort these problems out regularly, and make it easier for search engines to scan and understand the content of the website.

On-Page Optimizations

During the on-page optimization process, we take note of the content and code structure of the pages and optimize them as search engines prefer/expect. As a result of keyword research, we ensure that the keywords we agree on the importance of for your business are used on the pages, hence providing the search engines with the clearest information about the page content.

International Link Building

Having links come to your website from the countries and languages you aim for also plays a major role in international SEO. That’s why in our SEO campaigns we take care that link building is more extensive, look for opportunities you can get from the websites of the countries and languages you aim for, and seize these opportunities. Acquired links increase authority and traffic of your website and contribute to improving its position in search engines.

Grow Your Business Globally

You can grow your business by making your website more visible in search engines worldwide and taking advantage of our international SEO services mentioned above in detail.

Contact us to get more information about the services we offer and consult with us about our exclusive solutions. SEO is not a miracle, but a regular implementation of plans created as a result of analysis. As Growth Marketing, we are always there to help you grow your business.


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