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The perfect time to get your website SEO plan ready is preparation phase! Have a head start with the SEO plan we prepare for new websites.

When you are preparing a new website for your business, considering an SEO plan is an absolute must. While SEO efforts do provide considerable effectiveness on existing websites, they are much more effective on new websites. The reason is that you have the opportunity to do everything according to search engine rules. With a detailed keyword research, you know which keywords you target with which pages. With competitor analysis, you can put your competitors’ SEO strategies into practice right from the start and kick off your SEO race one step ahead right at the beginning. With target audience analysis, you can incorporate the content your target audience wants to see into your new website and keep conversion rates high from the beginning.

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What is included in new website SEO services

Within new website SEO plan, we offer you various analyses and research that will serve you well early on. Using the SEO plan we create for you (by studying these analyses and research in detail), you can set up your website exactly the way search engines prefer and as a result, have a head start on the SEO race. Although we customize the analyses and research we conduct depending on each client’s needs, we can summarize our work on the new website SEO plan below.

Keyword Research

With our keyword research, we determine which keywords you target with which pages and how you can achieve maximum performance. We also evaluate user intent on keywords relevant to your sector, identify what kind of content the content search engine users expect with help of the keywords relevant to your sector, and consequently, we are able to provide you with a detailed content plan that you can use when you create your pages.

Audience Analysis

With target audience analysis, we can establish what topics your target audience is interested in, and this gives us invaluable information about strategies you can use in SEO and digital marketing in general. We further enhance the SEO plan we provide by identifying the size of your target audience, what digital platforms they spend their time on and what types of content they are searching for.

Competitor Analysis

As a result of detailed analysis of your competitors, we determine the SEO strategies they use and identify what kind of websites both your target audience and search engines prefer among keywords related to your sector. By using this information in your SEO plan, we ensure that not only does your new website keep up with your competitors, but it also starts the SEO race one step ahead.

Website Structure

After we conduct our analyses and research, we establish what kind of structure you should use on your website, pages you should have and where these pages should be. A proper website structure provides a good user experience for your future users as well as allowing search engines to better understand and scan content of the website.

Content Plan

In consequence of the analyses and research, we determine the content you can use on your website both in service/product pages and extra informative pages. With the content plan, posts which you may publish later are also specified, and eventually content production for your website is accelerated and new content is determined in a way to provide the most efficiency in terms of SEO.

Technical SEO

If your website is under construction, we perform a technical analysis of your site, identify conditions that may cause problems to search engines and users, and offer you suggestions on how to best solve them. A technically durable website also allows you to enter the SEO competition in the best possible way.

We Provide More!

With the sector, competitor and target audience knowledge we gather as a result of our analyses, we inform you on SEO plans as well as other digital marketing channels that you can use. After your website goes into operation, you can immediately compete in other areas of digital marketing with the marketing suggestions we offer, or choose to work with us to develop and implement better strategies for you.

SEO is not a “one-off” effort!

Please keep in mind that while it is possible to start the race advantageous with a new and properly optimized website with an SEO plan, this is often not enough. SEO performs the best with regular work, and that is the only way you can have a great run. You can check out our other SEO services for monthly SEO efforts or contact us to find out what works best for your needs.


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