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Nowadays, many business owners and marketers understand the importance of search visibility; But there are many questions in their minds about the subject. In order to avoid these confusion, we list the SEO status of your website, the opportunities to capture and the steps to take with our SEO Audit services.

The best pratices for search engine optimization are changing dramatically every year. Being aware of these changes can be exhausting and time-consuming to follow and apply. We constantly follow and test the best SEO steps that can be applied on your website. So we know the critical steps to be taken for your website and we are constantly updating our knowledge. We analyse the current situation of your website using all of our knowledge and experience in SEO audit and we provide you with understandable, feasible steps to improve it. Contact us to inquire about our SEO Audit service and get more information.

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What does our SEO Audit contain?

Our SEO audit is entirely exclusive to the website but we do our work in accordance with the main criteria we use. With our work based on a detailed review of your website, industry and competitors, we offer many improvement suggestions that you can apply on your website. Alternatively, you can apply the suggestions that we offer through yourself and your company’s departments, or you may choose to work with us to apply these suggestions on your behalf.

Although studies conducted within the scope of SEO audit are specific to the website and vary in general, they can be listed as follows:

  • Identifying new opportunities by analyzing keywords,
  • Performing technical audit of your website,
  • Identifying and analyzing the SEO activities of your competitors,
  • Evaluation of local SEO perfomance,
  • Evaluation of link structure, analyzing the backlinks on your website,
  • Analyzing the contents of your website and determining the differences between you and your competitors,
  • Determination of Schema and rich snippets used by your competitors and in your industry

What can you expect as a result of SEO Audit?

You can see improvements in the search position of your website in the keywords that we recommend or you target, by following the steps in our comprehensive SEO audit report. You can clearly see all the technical SEO problems of your website and understand why they could cause problems for the search engines. You can be aware of the SEO activities used by your competitors and you can obtain the information necessary to get ahead of them. You can avoid negative effects on your website by noticing and getting rid of backlinks that may be harmful to your websites SEO. You can have a content plan you can use a guide to produce new content to inform your visitors about what they want to know and to show up in different search terms related to your business.

In short, you can find all the best practices that will improve your website for search engine optimization in our report and follow these practices to gain traffic to your website to grow your business. If you have more questions or if you want to talk about the digital marketing solutions we can offer you exclusively, contact us.


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