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If you can’t keep up with the latest search engine updates or you are not satisfied with the results from your own SEO efforts, you can benefit from the experience of our expert SEO team with our SEO consultancy service.

SEO is changing each passing day. If 100% of your work is not related to SEO, it is very natural that you fall behind from these updates or do not get the desired efficiency from your SEO efforts. If you know the potential your business will gain from SEO, but if you have difficulty achieving this potential, our SEO consultancy service is exactly what you need!

We offer consultancy services that you need. Our SEO team is veteran in SEO because they work on a lot of business websites like yours and they keep track of every search engine update. If you are familiar with SEO, if you have a team that will implement technical solutions or just a team dedicated to your SEO efforts; by choosing Growth Marketing for SEO consultancy, we can help you develop and organize your SEO strategies. Our SEO experts at Growth Marketing will give you the support you need to take your SEO strategies one step further. Contact us to learn more about SEO consultancy services and what we can do for you.

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SEO Consultancy Services

Our SEO team consists of specialists who have conducted SEO studies in many different sectors. Our customers who need SEO consultancy are usually large companies, often hosting a digital marketing or SEO team within the company. With our consulting service, you can learn how to improve the SEO strategies of the company you are working with or you own.

Although the work we do under consultancy varies by website and industry, we can summarize these studies under the following topics:

SEO Audit

By checking your website from A to Z, we obtain valuable information to shape your SEO strategy by identifying the current status and factors that can prevent you from succeeding in SEO. Within the scope of SEO audit, we analyse the SEO work that needs to be done on your website by analyzing in many ways such as general optimization, structure, page-based optimization, technical optimization status of your website.

Competitor Analysis

By identifying your competitors’ on-page and off-page optimization strategies, we identify effective SEO strategies used in your industry. The detailed analysis of the websites of your leading competitors in SEO offers valuable information to identify the SEO strategies that need to be done on your website. We help you to improve your strategy by using this information.

Content Plan

As a result of keyword research and competitor analysis, we create a content plan by identifying content topics and types that both search engines and your industry are interested in and expect to see on your website. The content you produce based on your editorial plan will appeal to the users who come to your website, as well as help you maintain industry authority in search engines.

Strategic Recommendations

With our SEO consultancy, we identify SEO strategies that will allow you to see the value you deserve in search engines by blending all our analyses and research. If you wish us to regularly review your work and intervene as needed, you can contact us regularly for our consultancy services. Our SEO team can also perform the strategies we offer if you prefer.


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