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If everyone has something in common today, it is regular social media usage. How about turning this situation into an advantage to grow your business with our social media marketing services?

8.525 tweets per second are being posted, and 920 posts are shared in the Instagram. In 2019, the world population is about 9 billion, while the number of active social media users is 3.5 billion. Even by looking at these statistics, it is possible to perceive the importance of social media in our daily lives. Someone passing by your shop may have a higher likelihood of noticing your post on social media instead of noticing your sign. So for the success of your business, social media is an indispensable factor. With the social media marketing services we offer, we promote your brand through social media and let you be noticed by your target audience. Contact us for more information about the subject or to find solutions that we can produce exclusively for you.

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Social Media Marketing Services

With our social media marketing services, we develop effective and creative strategies by conducting detailed analyzes and researches in order for your brand to gain the status it deserves in social media. The goal we aim through the services we offer is to create creative content for your brand on social media, access your targeted user base and connect with them through social media. And we post promotional contents regularly in order to turn your followers into loyal customers.

We don’t share posts in your social media accounts blindly. Instead, we analyse your industry, competitors and target audience to develop effective strategies that can be implemented on social media. These strategies include many different studies, from working with influencers to creating a solid content plan. We also promote the contents we post, increasing the efficiency of our social media marketing efforts. You can find more detailed information about our studies below.

Research and analysis

We analyse the social media status of your industry and competitors and investigate the content strategies that have been used in your industry until today. With our detailed analyses and research, we gather the information we can use to create your social media marketing strategies. In addition to your industry and competitors, we also analyze your target audience to determine effective strategies to reach them.

Brand Strategy

We are determining the strategies that can be applied to make your brands appearance on the social media strong. In general, with the strategy we have created for your brand, we find the possibility to identify your audience in more detail. In addition, we identify the values to be found through social media. In this way, we provide a significant reason for your audience to follow you on social media. Also the information we receive from you in this step is very important to us.

Content Strategy

By using the results of the industry, competitor and target audience analyses and combining these results with the brand strategy, we create a content strategy to be used on social media. By sharing the content strategy with you that addresses a lot of details, such as when to address which subjects, what types of content on which platforms and how often they should be shared, we rebuild the content strategy based on your feedback on the subject.

Social media ads

Although quality content is of great importance for social media marketing, it is not enough in most cases alone. We use social media ads for your social media content to reach your target audience. We also look for the opportunities of cooperation with influencers and strengthen the promotional efforts of your brand on social media. We further strengthen the effect of quality content created with social media ads.

Why invest in social media marketing?

81% of small and medium-sized enterprises are on social media, and it is possible to have a good digital marketing strategy, even with social media efforts only. The reason for this is the incredible use of social media today. Active social media users spend an average of 142 minutes per day on social media platforms.

There is something very important for your business on social media platforms: your target audience. Part of active social media users is your target audience, which may be interested in the services or products you offer. When your audience is in social media and your brand doesn’t care about it may push you a few steps behind of your competitors.

Social media marketing is essential to avoid this situation and make your brand more authoritarian in social media. As Growth Marketing, we give you full support. With our extensive analyses and experience of our social media experts, we define and implement marketing and content strategies that will advance your brand on social media. Contact us to get more detailed information about our social media marketing services and to learn about the solutions we can offer for your business.

The contribution of powerful social media strategies to SEO

If you have a website, you are most likely aware of SEO’s value (click here to get information about our SEO services). Another factor that search engines have given importance in recent years is social signals. Social signals are the name given to the interactions your brand getson social media such as likes and shares. The most effective method of gain organic and SEO effective social signals is to have a strong social media strategy. With social media marketing, you can strengthen your website’s search engine optimisation by gaining social signals, as well as expanding your audience by reaching your target audience through social media.


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